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Techleader Pte Ltd is an innovative global company that focuses on customisation design and fabrication of vacuum coating equipment and automation systems for all applications. We also specialize in equipment refurbishment/upgrading with full configuration and qualification, as well as designing and manufacturing Conveyorised Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems.


2006 – Company founded in Singapore
2008 – Company expansion, Techleader Engineering Sdn Bhd established in Malaysia
2009 – Offered services to hard disk drive manufacturing industry
2010 – USA office opened
2010 – Manufacturing factory invested in China
2011 – Developed new market in wafer manufacturing industry
2014 – Singapore factory moved to Jurong Industrial Area

Singapore Techleader.JPG

With a highly skilled and experienced technical team, we provide for the various application and processing needs of your machines.

• Customisation of parts and systems
• Customer process analysis and assistance
• Hardware modification and software upgrading
• Equipment refurbishment with full configuration and qualification
• Technical assistance on reliability of your system
• Solutions for further performance improvement of systems

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